How do you maintain the tan that you got while on your summer holidays?


Woman with tanned skin by the beach.

It is time to go back to work - the hardest thing for all of us - under the warm sun, drinking our cocktails or enjoying our tasty ice cream. So what will remain with us for the winter? Only some memories or some photographs? I hope your answer is not extra pounds! But that beautiful tan that you got with great effort? So how can you keep as much of the color as possible?

First of all, you should always note that if your tan was gained in the right and healthy way, it will last longer. The right way to acquire a tan is very important not only for a longer lasting tan but also for your health. If using sunscreen was a daily routine, especially before every sunbathing, then you are in good shape for long lasting color.

During your sunbathing on your summer holidays:


The most important thing during sunbathing is the duration under the sun. Dermatologists advise that the first session you should only stay for 20 minutes in direct sunlight but while using the right protecting suncream, hat and sunglasses. Slowly it is possible to increase your time in the sun but never without protection.

An important tip is scrubbing your skin regularly, so your cells are refreshed and your skin looks brighter. You can scrub your skin 2 or 3 times per week, depends on your products that you use. When your cells are renewed your tan will go deeper and last longer.


At the end of every sun bathing remember to hydrate your skin internally and externally. Drink a lot of water and use tan extending and after sun products.

How long will my tan last:

We don’t say that your tan will last forever but if you take into account this important advice, your tan can last up to 5 weeks after your summer holidays. These steps are very simple for anyone to follow:

Skin care and enemies for your tan:


Warm water is an enemy for your tanned skin. The reason is that the warmer the water is when you shower, the more your cells dehydrate and are removed from your skin. And of course the new cells that replace the old will reset your natural skin color and your tan will disappear very quickly.

Waxing and Peeling:

The way that waxing and peeling threaten your tanned skin cells is similar. Waxing removes not only the hair but also your cells. Peeling works in a similar way. Even after it your skin looks brighter; your tan skin cells have gone, and will be replaced with new ones. Prefer a gentle exfoliation with circular movement once a week. Also instead of waxing, you can use a woman’s epilator which removes only the hair and not your cells as a razor does.


Fruits and vegetables rich in B-Carotenes and vitamin A, enhances the conservation of tanning. Egg, beef, milk, spinach, melon and parsley have high levels of vitamin A. Apricots, mangos and carrots contain B-Carotenes and assist the action of melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment of the skin which is responsible for the skin color, and through your diet you can increase its action.


There are many benefits to drinking enough water daily. In this case water helps the cells live longer and makes our skin soft and smooth.

Extra tip:

Remember that the color of your clothes is also very important. White clothes and pink color lip sticks make your skin looks more tanned.