How you should shave your legs to get that perfect radiant look!


Razor for women

Hair removal with a razor is the most economical and an easy solution for women to get rid of unwanted hair. But sometimes, using a razor might hurt or wrinkle your skin and it may not be easy for you to ensure you don't miss a hair. There are some clever tricks that, if followed, will make your shaving more efficient and effective.

How you should prepare to shave:

Before you start shaving your legs it is important to properly prepare your skin. That means having a shower in order to make soften your skin and hair. This reduces the likelihood that you will hurt your skin and cuts are more likely. You should apply a gel or shaving foam which will help the razor easily glide over your skin and cut the hair.

When you should shave:

To be effective on your shaving first you can make your hair and skin soften. Water is what will soften the hair, so is better to start your shaving when you finish your shower. By doing this not only will save yourself time, but also at the end of your shower your skin pores open and offer you the best result.

How you should shave:

The way the razor works is cutting the hair to the point that appears on the skin. This is why you should notice the direction the hair grows and shave in the opposite direction. You should never rush or make sudden movements because there is a risk cutter.

You should avoid exfoliating before shaving:

Peeling and shaving works the same way. They both remove all the dead cells from the skin. So while a scrub helps your skin become smoother if combined with shaving it can have devastating effects on your skin. Combined they may cause irritation and redness so it is advisable to instead choose a gentle scrub the next day.

How to choose the right razor:

There are many brands razor in the market and too many options to choose from on supermarket shelves. We will not recommend a specific brand but advise you to choose a razor with at least two or three blades and with a protective edge. The reason is that you do not need to shave your skin with the razor in the same area for more than twice to avoid irritation or cuts.

When to buy a new razor:

Before you start shaving check your blades - if you have used them several times before - it is possible that the existing blades have rusted or blunted. If you notice that you have rusted blades - change them without a second thought. Even you do not have observable rusted blades it is advisable to change your razor every five to ten shaves. If you use your razor daily but you have thin or soft hair then it is okay to change it up to every twelve days. If you have thicker hair and you shave your legs every day then you may need a new razor every week.

Do not share a razor blade:

Usage of a razor blade should be on an individual basis - do not share, lend or borrow a razor! This is a very important hygiene rule to follow; otherwise you put your health at risk because there is high risk of bacteria, germs or catching a life threatening disease.

Before going to the beach:

If you plan to go swimming then you should know that, unless you leave at least 3-4 hours before going for swimming, after shaving, your skin will become inflamed and red due to the saltwater.

After the shaving:

Once you finished shaving, do not forget to hydrate your skin with an appropriate moisturizing cream. The skin after shaving needs immediate re-hydration, the shaving process which removed dead cells will cause your skin to appear dull. Giving your skin the proper hydration relaxes the skin and makes it look more glamorous.

Try the above tips and tell us about your results in the comment section below. So, at your next appearance in your skirt or your short dress, enjoy having brighter legs - happy shaving!