Suffer from dry and dull skin in the winter? 5 big mistakes you need to stop making immediately!


Woman's face with sky effects

I take care of my skin every day and night. But, recently, I realized that was something wrong with my skin. Even though I put on my day and night cream daily, in photos, my skin does not exhibit the brightness that I enjoy in my summer photos. In front of the mirror I confirm this reality. I ask myself if I have made changes to my make up or my face creams. No.... and I have not stopped cleaning my face daily. Nothing has changed in my daily skin care routine since the summer. My mistake is very obvious. I didn't change my skin care to cater for the fact that the weather was changing. Read on to find out my mistakes and the steps I took - believe me in about a month my skin returned to its radiant self.

How to recognize if your skin is dry:

An easy way to tell if your skin is dehydrated or not, after removing your make-up - feel if your skin feels "stretched." This warning sign indicates your skin is producing sebum, therefore it is dry!

How to avoid the 5 mistakes that make your skin dry and dull:

Strong temperature fluctuations:

"Cause you are hot then you are cold.... " as Katy Perry sings. And as upset Katy Perry was with her boyfriend in her song, your skin is upset with hot and then cold temperatures too. Yes, sometimes it is easy for you to overdo it with the heater in your house. Your house is extremely warm environment and when you go outside into very low temperature the large fluctuation is bad for your skin. You should try to keep a better balance - avoid extreme temperature differences by lowering the temperature indoors. In this way, your skin won't be shocked when you have to go outside.

Moisturize your skin:

Winter temperatures, especially in January and February are very low. This means that we try to keep a warm temperature in your house. But what happens when we go out? Maybe you go to work by train or on foot. There is nothing you can do to protect your skin from the cold wind. Have in mind the very low temperatures and the cold wind dries your skin. What you can do is enhancing your skin hydration by putting some extra moisturizing cream after 4-5 hours on your face.

Consume more water:

In low temperatures you are less likely to drink enough water. Even if you put on your face creams and you moisturize your skin daily your skin will remain dry if you don't drink enough water. Remember that proper hydration has allot of benefits in your body and one of them is hydrating your skin. Drink water in multiple different fluids in the winter months for example in teas! But be careful with teas that contain caffeine!

Showering in hot water:

There's nothing better than a hot shower after a tiring day at work. A warm shower is good for relaxation and it also opens the pores of your skin. But if you clean your body every day with hot water you will damage the natural oiliness of your skin. You will feel your skin stretched and hard as it produces excess sebum to combat its dryness. Try to have your daily shower at a moderate temperature and treat yourself a hot shower once a week.


Exfoliating in winter is very important! You may assume that exfoliation is not necessary in the winter, because your skin does not sweat as much as in the summer months. However, your skin still has germs, bacteria and dead skin cells that need to be removed. If you don't want to use any products containing chemicals for exfoliation, try sugar, to do the same job once or twice a week. Removing these dead skin cells before moisturizing your is an important step in restoring the radiance to your skin.