What is the real reason behind gray hair at a young age?


Black and white hair of a woman.

I recently found my first white hair, although I am only 28 years old. Am I exhausted? Or is it the result of stress? Some of my friends say that it is a sign of good luck! Others say there is no reason to worry and point me in the direction of the hair salon - but I do not want to dye my hair. I love my natural color! I decided it was time do a little research and what I discovered was that there is no need to dye my hair - well at least in the near future. Yes, it is possible to prevent the appearance of more white hairs. How? With targeted nutrition.

So where does your natural hair color come from?

The color of your hair depends on the amount of melanin your body produces. As your age melanin levels produced by your body may fluctuate or decline, even in different parts of your body you can have different levels resulting in different colored hair.

When does your hair darken naturally?

There are some hormones that can darken your hair, such as melanocytic stimulating hormone, as well as high levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body during pregnancy, and some epilepsy medications.

Why does hair turn white?

As the melanin levels produced by your body fall your hair may take on a gray color. Melanin levels in your body tend to decreasing over time and we therefore associate gray hair with aging.

When to expect the appearance of gray hair?

All people will get gray hair from an age onwards. As previously mentioned the you naturally develop gray hair as you age. Based on studies conducted by the scientific community, about the half of the population has gray hair by the age of 50 . By the age of 70, 90% of the population has gray hair. It has also been observed that men get gray hair earlier than women.

The color of your hair is directly related to your hair's life cycle. Every 3-5 years your hair undergoes a regeneration phase, where it grows at about 1 centimeter per month. After 5 years the hair follicle is switched off for about 3 months. At this stage the hair falls and the hair follicle is left empty. But when the time comes to re-energize the follicle, and the melanin cells of this dump are not activated then the white hairs will appear.

Is gray hair a sign of aging?

No. Gray hair can appear at a much younger age. This does not mean that someone who is 30 years old with gray hair is old. Heredity factors play an important role in determining when gray hairs will appear . However, there is no rule to calculate when you hair will develop white hair. In some families there is a large divide in when people experienced loss of hair color - for some in can be as early as puberty - whilst others at a great age. In addition, a factor that is rarely taken into account in these cases is the lack of certain vitamins due to a bad diet.

What vitamins reduce the appearance of gray hair?

You might think is weird but a lack of iron and copper can result in the early appearance of gray hair. In particular, lack of copper and vitamin B3 causes your pores to relax. Those who suffer from iron deficiency also suffer from copper deficiency, since copper is necessary for the absorption of iron and vitamin C. Without copper, the body cannot maintain iron for too long. Copper takes part in the process of hemoglobin formation and is present in all body tissues.

Which foods should you consume?

The best sources of natural copper are wheat, mussels, oysters, mushrooms, liver, black pepper, honey, hazelnuts, walnuts, salmon, lentils, almonds, avocados, bananas, coconut, rice, aubergines, chicken.

With the right diet can you restore your natural color?

Gray hair on your head will not return to its natural color. What can be achieved is damage limitation and a delay the appearance of new white hairs!