Blue wine. What's all the fuss about?


A glass of blue wine

It has rocked the boat for some time. There are many opposing views around blue wine causing a stir. Some believe that there is absolutely no difference in blue wines taste to white wine. Others believe that it is lacking heavily when compared to red and white wines. Others have claimed that blue wine is not wine at all as its taste have no reminiscent of the wine.

What really applies in the case of blue wine? Is it worth the trouble and will it replace red white or rosé wine?

Who are the producers of blue wine?

The blue wine was created in Spain by six young twenty year olds, Iñigo Alday, Imanol López, Jen Besga, Gorka Maiztegi, Aritz López, and Taig Mac Marthy. When asked "Why blue wine" their response was simply: "why not?"

How is blue wine served and what does it contain?

It has a sweet flavor and is served chilled. Blue wine is made from a mixture of white and red grapes from vineyards in La Rioja, Zaragoza, Leon, Castilla La Mancha. It contains 11.5% of alcohol and the hue of the blue is due to anthocyanin, a pigment found in grape skins. A non-caloric sweetener is also added to this mixture.

The "GIK" as blue wine is so called has no added sugar the creators have opted for non-calorific sweeteners instead. Adding excess carbohydrates leads to a drink that has a negative influence on weight gain and non-caloric sweeteners are more healthy and stable alternative.

The story behind the name of the blue wine:

Blue wine origins come from a book written by a business consultant born in Korea, W. Chan Kim. His book talks about red oceans symbolizing the markets are saturated by special-sharks who are struggling to reduce the number of customers-fishes resulting in "red" water. He believes that through innovation we should restore the waters to their natural blue. Enlightened by this, blue wine's creators decided to transform a traditional wine red to blue.

The intriguing story behind the creation of blue wine certainly warrants a taste, but remember no drink is ever going to liked by everyone!