STOP taking antibiotics for the common cold. Find out how to fight your cold naturally.


Healthy drinks help your body cope with the common cold.

There are many different viruses and colds in circulation that can lead you to being bed bound for days. They can leave you tired and without energy forcing you to leave behind daily activities and result in a deterioration of your health. Upon first symptoms there are some important steps you should be aware of to help you fight the cold. By carefully adding specific foods to your diet you can effectively treat the cold. Research has shown that a balanced and healthy diet is the best protection for your body. So what should you do when microbes infect you? What foods will help you restore your body to health.

Royal jelly:

Royal jelly is known to everyone for its rich nutritional value. It is the food that is created to help ensure the health and fertility of the queen bee. It provides energy, toning and nutrition. It also contributes to the proliferation of immune cells.


Mushrooms are a relatively new discovery as a way of fighting the cold. Recent studies have showed that the mushroom Siitake improves the function of basal cells and reduces the level of inflammatory proteins. Also the Reishi mushroom tones and helps greatly in fighting infections.

Water and tea:

The best you can do to help your body fight a cold is to drink enough water. Water consumption will help in the liquidation and elimination of mucus from the nose. It helps your body remove the toxins produced by dead cells which increased when you are infected with a virus. You can also consume hot beverages such as tea, which help soften the nasal mucus and ease a sore throat.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C and thus help the body to cope with the cold. They stimulate the immune system as they contain flavonoids. Consuming grapefruit or lemon alongside your meal can also strengthen your immune system as they have an anti-inflammatory effect.


Although you may avoid consuming garlic due to its strong smell, it can help prevent and treat a severe cold. Specifically, garlic contains allisini which acts against bacteria. You can either flavour your food by adding garlic or eat 2-3 cloves of garlic per week.


Broccoli is a vegetable full of nutrients. It contains glutathione, vitamin A and C that protect our bodies from damage. You can eat broccoli with lemon and olive oil to further boost your immune system.

If you are aware of your diet, your cold will soon subside. Smokers should be more careful, research has shown that smokers need twice the time to deal with a cold. Smoking results in a compromised defense of the respiratory system which results in a greater probability of catching the common cold. Smoking can also lead to an exacerbation of chronic bronchitis which can last up to a month.