Find out what you should wear on your first date!


A couple in a restaurant

It usually begins with a quick first glance - that lasts only a few seconds. You checked to see if he was still glancing your way and you smiled back hesitantly. You ask yourself if they are still looking. The game will continue as he is coming over to your table.

Your heart pounds and a thousand thoughts race through your mind. "Do my clothes and hair look perfect? Does my lipstick need refreshing? Did I forget to paint my nails? Does my perfume smell nice?" You have become a volcano ready to explode, but, you try to keep your cool as you are also with your friends.

After a brief conversation, he asked you out on a date. If you want to be well prepared and confident on the date - read our tips below and you will leave him with the best first impression possible.

Before the date:

You now have your chance to impress him. You pamper yourself from head to toe until you truly look like a goddess. The first thing you should consider before your date is the clothes you will wear. You want to choose something that makes your body look nice but hides your flaws at the same time. The choice of what to wear depends on the place and time of the first date.

For an afternoon coffee:

If you have agreed for an afternoon coffee don’t fall into the trap of over dressing. Don't wear clothes that you usually wear for clubbing and, of course, say a big NO to your high heels! Choices like these will give the wrong message - you are making big efforts to impress him. Of course, we don’t say to wear a uniform. Choose something nice and simple that makes you feel comfortable. Your nice jeans with a nice shirt; or a simple skirt with platforms or your sandals are one of the best options. Avoid wearing your glossy blouse as it is inappropriate for the time of the day.

Moreover, if you choose to wear a mini skirt you don’t need a sexy shirt, choose something more conservative! On the other hand, if you put on your trousers I would advise you to go for your sexy blouse. Generally, the key to keeping the balance in your appearance is to put emphasis on the best part of your body. Use a mirror to help you make your decision!

Now, regarding your makeup, you want to avoid smoky eyes and very dark lipstick. A lip gloss in pink and soft shades is always a safe choice. The same goes for your hair. A simple tidy hairstyle will complete your look.

For food or drink:

If you have arranged your date around food or drink, it is likely that your date will be in the evening. If so, you have considerably more options and freedom in what you wear. Accordingly, choose clothes that are a little bit more formal - it is better to avoid your jeans. Say YES to your high-heeled this time, but remember to pick your comfortable ones. Venture for a more formal look when it comes to your hairstyle and make-up. A red lipstick is a good choice if it matches your clothes and style. If you are fond of smoky eyes it’s time to wear it. Choose nice and fashionable accessories but don't over do it.

Time of your arrival:

If you are ready to go but think you should deliberately delay. Be careful as long delays will make him frustrated. And this is not a good start. I would say being up to 15 minutes late for your first date is perfect! If you arrive before him, this may work against you. Show him a little disinterest at first. And as my friend says “A woman’s disinterest increases a man’s interest”. Law!

#After your date:

The only thing that you can safely do after your date is sending him a message such as: "Good night. I had a really good time with you". Avoid messages like: "When we will meet again?" If you do not receive any message after the first date it is better to let it go and move on.Be yourself, enjoy the moment and do not have high expectations!