He is angry. Maybe it is your fault?


Couple walking. A woman is holding his boyfriend's hand.

You are really in love, crazy about him. But some of your behavior, whilst not deliberate, is making him angry and he has started getting bored of you. Perhaps it is the beginning of the relationship and you're exaggerating in order to impress him, or you want to clarify some issues, trying to protect yourself.

Wait a minute! Have you ever thought that this may irreparably harm your relationship? I know that nobody is perfect! But who said that people do not change. We have identified the most significant mistakes and recommend trying to become better person not only for your relationship but also for yourself.

1. You expect from him to guess what he did to annoy you.

"Darling what's wrong?" "Nothing. I'm fine!" You answer with an angry tone and crossed arms. Definitely something is bothering you but you don't say anything. How do you expect him to correct his mistake if you don't explain what happened? He wants to hear a clear answer, but you dwell on half-truths. How do you expect him to react? He is starting to get angry. And anger leads to argument. The problem grows and becomes a brawl that may lead to division. Moreover if you do it often he is likely going to get bored. Let's think of another scenario. He asks you why are you angry and you answer the first time he asks. You explain to him what happened in a calm manner even if you are frustrated. Then the conversation proceeds immediately and, maybe, together you solve the problem. No more anger and yelling. It's so simple!

2. He has to wait for you to get ready.

You have arranged to go out at 9. But you're not ready yet. I am sure that you want to be beautiful to impress him. But you are really late and he has been waiting for so long that he is getting bored. Do not be surprised if the next time instead of going out with you, he chooses to go out with his friends. You can mitigate this by planning in advance. By calculating how much time you will need for your shower, to get dressed, to brush your hair and put on you're makeup, next time you will be ready on time.

3. Asking if you put on some extra weight?

There is absolutely no reason to ask this question because whatever he responds the answer will not satisfy you. Instead you should just simply buy a scale and control your weight. Now if you do it in order to be flattered with nice words you should know that he will do this when he wants and when he really means it.

4. You want to spend time together only on things you like.

While you want to spend time with him, you want to see the movie that you like and go to your favourite restaurant. Do know that at the beginning of the relationship he will probably not decline, but very soon he will be bored. Spend your time together doing something that really pleases you both. In that way you get to know each other better and definitely have a clearer picture of the person who is with you.

5. Discussing the problems of your relationship with others.

One of the biggest mistakes. Discussing the problems of your relationship with your best friend or your friends. However your friends may not be able to guide you correctly because you are the sole person who knows him better than anyone. In this way you can easily make the wrong decisions. Definitely he will be disappointed if he realises that you don't appreciate him. Speak with him and things are usually simpler than you think. Honesty, of course, is above all.

6. You don't pay attention when he needs you.

He is nervous and he has problems at work. Let him talk to you. Don't interrupt or tell him that it's his problem. You are a couple and his problems are yours too. Advise, but do not impose what he needs to do.

7. You show interest in other men.

Maybe you are trying to make him jealous. But there are limits. Now that you are with him and should show your interest only for him. If he sees that you talking, hugging or laughing with other men and not receiving any attention from you, then he will presume that you are not interested in him. How would you feel if he did the same to you?

8. Mockery.

You go out with friends and you start commenting on all the bad habits he has and make him feel uncomfortable. You start complaining about what he does or does not do. That he doesn't help you with the chores or is messy. If you see him flushed don't ask why. He will be furious with you and not without reason. And why do your friends have to know all these things? They will just grin or laughing at him. And of course he won't change due to this!Know that your boyfriend loves you for what you are. Do not try to change him. Before you tell him something think if he will be hurt. Remain calm and put on his shoes. You should always know that what you give is what you get back. Time to build a healthier relationship that in which you both enjoy the time you spend together.