Why should only men love anal sex? 5 simple steps for the successful enjoyment of both sexes.


Woman in bed

Are you a couple and like trying different things in bed? Have you recently been thinking about trying anal sex but ashamed to asking for it. It's now time to get over your shyness and try something different - it's time for both of you to enjoy the pleasure.

Studies suggest that even while the majority of men prefer anal sex, many women do not want to try it after the first or second failed attempt. This is due to the intense pain caused into the area. But what you need to have in your mind is that successful anal sex needs the proper preparation and patience, especially for women.

1. Talk about it.

There is no reason to be shy. Talk with your partner and agree on how you will do it. Give your partner the opportunity to tell you if they are afraid or if they do not want to try it and why. It is important to know if your partner really wants to try it, not only because you ask for it. If you are pressuring them into it then you will stress them, and you will simply fail!

2. Healthy eat for pleasure

Nutrition plays an important role in the enjoyment of the process. When her diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables she will have frequent stools. This will help her relax and stop worrying about leaks. But if she overdoes it or consumes a high amount of iron then the chances of frequently bowel movements increase. The best for preparation is a visit to the bathroom 1-2 hours before anal sex to avoid any accidents.

3. Prepare her body.

What you need to know anatomically is that the anus of a woman is not designed to receive the penis of a man. For that reason you need some aids. An essential product is lubricant which must not be stingy at all. The oil will soften the area and she will not feel the intense pressure of movements - reducing the pain sufficiently and making the experience feel a whole lot better.

4. Penetration step by step.

Do not rush to penetrate of the penis in the area straight after you applying the lubricant. Relax your partner with kisses and caresses. A good idea before applying lubricant is using the tongue to seduce. Start with oral sex and stimulation of the vulva. If touching the area gives her a weird sensation you can use a sex toy to help her get used to the sensation.

5. What makes penetration more difficult.

In the anus there are two clamps muscles, which you can feel them by placing your finger in the anus around two and a half centimeters deep. The internal muscle acts reflex will result in an uncontrollable contraction. Even if your girlfriend seems calm and relaxed the internal muscles can react quite differently. At this stage you should not rush but you need to give time to the internal sphincter to adapt. Try different positions and ways of relaxation. Retain positions in which she experiences less pain.

Pay attention to infections:

As one last piece of advice - remember to look after your hygiene in the area. This area is prone to bacteria infection. If you put your penis or your fingers into the anus DO NOT continue by putting them into her vagina. If you use condom and you want to continue with vaginal sex put on new condom and clean your fingers. Do not forget that anal sex can transmit sexual diseases so be very careful and insist on condom use.