How to keep your child quiet whilst you work from home!


Girl Playing with Paint

Kids enjoy spending time with their parents. But, what about when you are tired or have an upcoming deadline? What you need is to give them something they can focus and concentrate on for some time, leaving you free to get on with your work. Don't fall into the trap and let them watch T.V. If you know how to create a homeschooling schedule, here are some ideas that will keep your child busy allowing you to get on with work.


Playdough is a great idea for younger kids especially around the age of 4.It's easy to prepare and it keeps children focused on their creations. If you want to enhance their play, combine playdough with Lego. Believe me, the majority of children won't get bored of playing even after an hour.

Prepare the playdough a day before or in the morning and divide the dough equally among your children. To make playdough you only need are a few ingredients and a hard surface that your kids can play on.

To find out how to make an elastic, non-sticky dough watch this video:

Just remember at the end of play, it is your children's responsibility to clean up.

Experiment with different drawing materials:

For some kids, drawing is a super fun activity, whilst for others its a nightmare. Try to identify what materials excite your child the most. Moreover, you can buy multiple materials and let them experiment. Let them combine two or more different materials each time. For example painting with cotton wool on a newspaper or a toothbrush or even their fingers.

Let your children be creative and show them how you admire their work. Create an "Art Corner", where your children can show off their creations to everyone.

Add music to dance or exercise to:

It's impossible to expect your children to engage in nonactive activities all day. Playing some music that your child can dance or exercise to is a great idea. There are many good songs to choose from and your children can have lots of fun copying the movements in the video. It's best to leave these activities to the afternoon, as by this time your children are tired and restless. Dancing and exercising to music can be energizing and fun.