New child in the family! Is jealousy the normal reaction from your older child?


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Jealousy between siblings is common. Jealousy can begin at a very young age, and at the time may be considered funny or cute. But what is the best way for you as a parent to handle jealousy between siblings and how to stop it? In principle, a child may become jealous of a newborn baby suddenly, there are many factors that should be taken into account. As your child loves their mother and father more than anyone else in the world when a newborn baby enters the family jealousy should be expected. A new sibling can be considered a threat to the older sibling as it is feared that their new sibling will garner all the attention and love of their parents. Nevertheless, jealousy has some limits. Jealousy can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but note it can be kept hidden and not expressed directly.Your aim at this stage should not be to eradicate jealousy immediately but help your child admit they are jealous and give him the opportunity to discuss with you.

What causes this jealousy between siblings?

It is normal and healthy for a child to express anger and jealousy due to a new addition to the family. They may feel anxious and afraid of losing the love of parents who until now enjoyed exclusively. The child must accept that they will be sharing time and games with you and their new sibling.

Your older child might assume that their parents want another child because he is too old or that parents don’t love them anymore. They may even believe that after maternity their mom will not return home.

This belief is very common and upon the returning of their mum home experience great relief. But with the return of their mum, they must be willing to accept the necessary reduction in attention.

At what age does jealousy begin?

From the age of two years, your child may exhibit jealous behaviors. But as your child grows jealousy can arise from more complex reasons. Often your child may initially be jealous of anything related to their mother and the process being fed. This is because of the feeding process for your child is paramount. Your child at this age as it grows assumes to their mother. Later they will go through a phase of clinging to their mother and whatever your child regards as a threat leads to a great unrest. Your child is claiming the attention of their mother in various ways. Quite possibly your child is jealous of the baby and will try to return to infancy thinking that this restore lost time and attention. For example, your child may express their desire to breastfeed while the mother is breastfeeding or even soiled themselves on purpose despite having stopped diapers.

How should you treat your jealous child?

Any known change that is going to affect the life of your child should be preceded by adequate preparation. Try to give information to your child about the changes that are about to happen. Think about it - even with the new food, you allow your child a supervised first try and then allow them to eat the food alone.You should follow the same procedure for an upcoming pregnancy. If the child is at an age where they understand vocal communication it is best to explain verbally. There are many tales and stories that can help you to start the conversation with the child about this issue.

Moreover, as a parent, you should not forget to dedicate necessary time to your older child.You should, as a father or mother, share responsibility. In this way when the child feels displeased with their mother because she deals with the baby, automatically the child will appeal to their father.

You should try to listen to the feelings of your child. Children not only feel things in the fullest but also their care cannot be easily withdrawn by those concerned. Telling your child that they have to be careful because their sibling is baby will also not help the situation. There is no need to talk about the advantages of their new little brother or sister. You should ask them to talk to you without fear of any difficulties that may arise.

Generally, try to offer a stable environment to your child so that they may feel secure and allow them to express their jealousy. By doing this you will help them evolve and smoothly overcome this jealous stage.